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1.  How soon do we have to let you know to make a reservation? 

A: Depends on the tour and the season.  For shorter tours as little a two hours if there is availability.  For day tours, at least a day before. 


2.  Can you find others to fill the helicopter’s seats and thus lower our cost per seat? 

A:  No, we only do private tours and thus rent out the whole aircraft.


3.  Can we make slight changes to a tour? 

A:  Absolutely, it’s your tour.  This assumes you stay within the time and costs associated with the tour to be edited.


4.  Can we land anywhere? 

A:  Not if it’s an Urban area, there are several designated areas to land in Urban areas, yet in most rural homes, given a reasonable amount of space landing a helicopter on the site is very likely.


5.  When can we pay? 

A:  You can pay before the tour, but the tour cannot be reserved without full payment.  Read our Cancellation Policy for more information regarding reservations.


6.  Can we pay with Amex? 

A:  If you checkout on the website yes. Not directly to us, we only accept Visa, MasterCard or cash.


7.  What happens if there is bad weather? 

A:  We will reimburse 100% of your money if the weather makes it unsafe or unworthy to do the flight.  We will discuss it before and what options we may have available depending on your schedule and the flight path of the tour in question.


8.  Can we bring an infant on our lap? 

A:  Yes, infants 2 years or younger may go on top of his/her parents given the weights are within the helicopter manufacturer limits.


9.  What is the maximum weight? 

A:  The maximmum weight per seat in Robinson helicopters is 300 pounds (136 kilograms).


10.  Can we remove the doors? 

A:  Yes, but this must be told when the reservation is being made and there will be an extra charge of $150 as there are speed limitations without doors.

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